Upcoming performances and workshops with Sir Cupcake, dance trapeze artist and circus impresario!!!

Another Dimension

Come see Sir Cupcake’s Newest show!!

Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus Goes to Another Dimension

Sir Cupcake's Queer Circus is a full-length circus theater production that spotlights transgender and queer performers in a multi-discipline show with aerialists, clowns, dancers, acrobats. This campy production follows the strange adventures of Sir Cupcake in Another Dimension. The Queer Circus must play a high stakes game with a Multi-Dimensional Goddexx in the hopes that they can heal what is hurting in our real world, and in themselves. Will they be able to harness the power Queer Humanity possesses; or will they get locked in Laser Jail?

Featuring queer and Transgender circus performers including Sir Cupcake (Jack StockLynn), Kel Dae (OAK), Lucy Eden (ATL) and Colleen Thompson (NYC), and local favorites Ari and Ben, Tera Zarra, Zoe Stasko, KC Fong and more!

Shows are at eat Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, OR.

May 11th: 7pm* & 10pm

May 12th: 3pm** All Ages Matinee

Ticket Prices: GA tickets $32, VIP $54 (includes a free cupcake seat!)

*ASL Interpreted

**All Ages and NeuroDiverse Friendly.

For further accessibility considerations including facility and seating measurements, please check out the event page, or email


Being a Transgender Circus Artist

I am a transgender Circus Performer! What does that mean? Though I was assigned something else at birth, I am a man. Tada, it is that simple!! I use he/him/his pronouns, and my off stage name is Jack.

Here are some answers to common questions:

Yes! I have had top surgery to help my body match my identity. Yes, it was scary, particularly as a performer that uses my body to make a living. and YES, I am so much happier, thank you for asking!

No! I don’t take hormones. (Though I may decide to one day- that is my business.) That is why I look/sound a little different than a cisgender* man. I don’t need testosterone to make me a man, and clearly I have plenty of muscles, so quit worrying about it! (*cisgender = not-transgender)

Yes! It is hard to be Transgender and a Circus performer. I sometimes make my own roles, as often people don’t know what to do with who I am. I have played: ghosts, sprites, cats, genderqueer dandies, delivery people, meat shop customers, and emotional gender changing sailors. As a highly trained actor, clown, and circus performer I can adapt to any role needed. I even make my own characters and full length shows!

No! You don’t get to know what is in my pants. That is a none of your business!

YES! If you think I am cute than you are probably at least a little QUEER. Most people are, so get into it!

Now you know! ;) XO, S.C.

(photo by  M.Fayre Photography )

Fall/Winter adventures

Hello Cupcakes! I’ve been busy busy this fall. with so many fun events and shows, there is barely time to keep up, I’ll try to update you!

First, my husband and I finally went on our honeymoon. Vacation is pretty great, I see why people get excited about it, now. We went to Maui and went zip lining, camping, hiking and ate shaved ice almost every day. It was delightful!

(Photo by: Juan Kis for WGBH)

(Photo by: Juan Kis for WGBH)

October was FULL of some great events, including the Portland launch party for American Experience’s new 4 hour circus documentary. I also got to entertain the fantastic people at Change(d) Together, and event supporting The Circus Project. I got to stiltwalk and share my balloon bunnies with a lovely crowd. At Change(d) together I also debuted my new ROLLER SKATING WAITER!!

Event Entertainment by The Circus Project

(Photo by Micah Media)

(Photo by Micah Media)

After that it was all the scary good times at Fright Night, NightFlight Aerial’s 8th annual show. I FINALLY got to live out my dreams and be a CAT!! SO Much FUN!!!

November is all about Holiday show prep. I have a bunch of shows with DoJump and the delightful Three Leg Torso December 14-16th at the lovely Alberta Rose!

After that it is into the trenches making new and exciting work for next year! To stay up to date “like” and Sir Cupcake on Facebook!

Characters in the Air! with Sir Cupcake

Thoughts on building an emotional arc for a character. 

Character… I believe a character is like an emotional watercolor palette. For instance, if you only have shades of blue in your palette, you will end up with a blue painting, right? Same if you have only shades of happy in your character… but real people and believable characters have many different shades, colors and emotions as part of their personality, sometimes they are happy and sad at the same time. So we- as artists need to create from that depth of place. 


Want to learn more about how I build a character for an act? Come to my next work shop, this time in NYC at The Muse Brooklyn! Links and info below.

Characters in the Air! with Sir Cupcake!

Sign up at:

Learn how to develop a character in the air. Class will include both floor and air acting exercises and exploration of how to carry a character through the entire length of you act, from choreography to transition moments. We will explore both clown and method acting techniques. Please arrive thoroughly warmed up for your apparatus of choice.

Date: August 17th, 2-4PM
Cost: $65
Pre-req: Please come with a memorized 2-3 minute sequence on the apparatus of your choice.
Must be comfortable and safe improvising and have a readiness to be ridiculous in front of others.


New Photos!!

I had a fantastic Trip down to Austin, TX to shoot with the fabulous M.Fayre Photography. Here are a couple of the shots we got up to!

  I always love shooting with Marico. Her fantastic eye for detail, character and form are perfect for catching new Sir Cupcake images. 

If you love photos you can always follow me on Instagram for the newest shots! @theSirCupcake or #sircupcake to find me!