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Characters in the Air! with Sir Cupcake

Thoughts on building an emotional arc for a character. 

Character… I believe a character is like an emotional watercolor palette. For instance, if you only have shades of blue in your palette, you will end up with a blue painting, right? Same if you have only shades of happy in your character… but real people and believable characters have many different shades, colors and emotions as part of their personality, sometimes they are happy and sad at the same time. So we- as artists need to create from that depth of place. 


Want to learn more about how I build a character for an act? Come to my next work shop, this time in NYC at The Muse Brooklyn! Links and info below.

Characters in the Air! with Sir Cupcake!

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Learn how to develop a character in the air. Class will include both floor and air acting exercises and exploration of how to carry a character through the entire length of you act, from choreography to transition moments. We will explore both clown and method acting techniques. Please arrive thoroughly warmed up for your apparatus of choice.

Date: August 17th, 2-4PM
Cost: $65
Pre-req: Please come with a memorized 2-3 minute sequence on the apparatus of your choice.
Must be comfortable and safe improvising and have a readiness to be ridiculous in front of others.