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Being a Transgender Circus Artist

I am a transgender Circus Performer! What does that mean? Though I was assigned something else at birth, I am a man. Tada, it is that simple!! I use he/him/his pronouns, and my off stage name is Jack.

Here are some answers to common questions:

Yes! I have had top surgery to help my body match my identity. Yes, it was scary, particularly as a performer that uses my body to make a living. and YES, I am so much happier, thank you for asking!

No! I don’t take hormones. (Though I may decide to one day- that is my business.) That is why I look/sound a little different than a cisgender* man. I don’t need testosterone to make me a man, and clearly I have plenty of muscles, so quit worrying about it! (*cisgender = not-transgender)

Yes! It is hard to be Transgender and a Circus performer. I sometimes make my own roles, as often people don’t know what to do with who I am. I have played: ghosts, sprites, cats, genderqueer dandies, delivery people, meat shop customers, and emotional gender changing sailors. As a highly trained actor, clown, and circus performer I can adapt to any role needed. I even make my own characters and full length shows!

No! You don’t get to know what is in my pants. That is a none of your business!

YES! If you think I am cute than you are probably at least a little QUEER. Most people are, so get into it!

Now you know! ;) XO, S.C.

(photo by  M.Fayre Photography )